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Filler Mix

A lightweight, high strength polymer modified mix used to build the bulk of the structure. Provides excellent insulation properties in waterfall/spa construction. Easy to use and shape.

Top Coat

A specially formulated polymer modified grout mix used to coat over the filler mix. Provides easy workability and high strength. Ensures water tight integrity for all pond and water feature structures.

Texture Coat

A high portland cement content grout mix designed to be polymer modified. Provides excellent adhesion and high compression strength for durability.

Stone Strength Resin

An admixture acrylic modifier used to greatly increase strength and adhesion when used with Filler, Topcoat and Texture Mix.

Thermoplastic Sealer

An acrylic sealer carried in a solvent base. Provides sealing properties and UV protection. 


Silicon and acrylic stain formulated to replicate the natural color of stone. Comes in 11 Colors.


Speeds up drying time for fast building

Pond Seal

Provides a hydrophobic barrier when installed over the concrete bottom and sides of pond.

Stone Stain

A penetrating liquid stain that produces unique color effects to the stone surface. Comes in 4 Colors.

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