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Q. What is Techstone (Synthetic Rock System)?

A. Techstone is a complete synthetic rock building system. Fast, simple, effective and versatile, allowing you to take your creativity to the next level.

Q. Are Techstone boulders prefabricated?

A. No, every Techstone boulder or feature is constructed on site. You are in charge of every aspect of the creation, from the exact placement through the final stain process.

Q. What is Techstone made of?

A. The Techstone Rock System is made of 90% recycled materials. We will teach you to utilize what you already have and usually haul away. The main height and width is created out of existing rubble or block if necessary. That is then covered with a lightweight Filler Mix. Filler Mix is a Styrofoam aggregate mixed with cement. The Filler Mix is used to create the actual shape and size you want. Once dry, a Top Coat is applied. The Top Coat allows you to color and texture your feature.

Q. What about leaks?

A. No problem. One of the many features of Techstone is the ability to install all of the plumbing after you have already created watertight integrity. Once a water feature is completely shaped and Top Coated, Pond Seal is applied. After applying two coats of Pond Seal, a superior water barrier is formed. Plumbing is then installed over the sides of the feature and covered with addition Filler Mix to conceal the plumbing.

Q. Do you use rebar and wire mesh to create a cage?

A. No, under certain circumstances of needing to create a large cantilevering rock construction of a cage is necessary.

Q. How do I market the Techstone Rock System to my specific customer?

A. Sales techniques, profit margins, and marketing are all covered on the second day of the seminar. Everything you will need to know to get this into your customers hands, will be covered.

Q. When is the next seminar for the Techstone?

A. Regional Training Seminars are held every 5 to 6 weeks, all year.

Q. What tools and equipment are needed to get me started to install Techstone?

A. The materials needed are:

  > Wheelbarrow Round and square shovel

  > Buckets Dash brush

  > Rubber gloves Hose

  > Drill w/ mixing wand Shop Vac wet/ dry.

Optional equipment that will speed up installation:

  > Jackhammer Concrete Mixer

  > Compressor HVLP Spray Gun

  > Hopper Gun

Q. Who can install Techstone?

A. Only trained and approved contractors are eligible to purchase and install these systems.

Q. How can I register for a seminar?

A. By phone (805) 522-0410 or download, print, fill out this seminar form.


Q. What is Techstone Concrete Coating System?

A. Techstone Concrete Coating System is an overlay product, designed to cover existing concrete and give it a new and custom look that is only limited by your imagination.

Q. What is Techstone Concrete Coating System made of?

A. Techstone Concrete Coating System consists of the following materials:

Techstone Concrete Coating System Base Mix

Description: A high strength polymer modified grout mix used to base of skim-coat over existing concrete, Kooldeck, of masonry surfaces. The Base mix has a self-leveling quality that limits trowel marks left on the surface.

Techstone Concrete Coating System Texture

Description: A high strength modified grout mix designed specifically for replicating stone textures over existing concrete, Kooldeck or masonry surfaces. Techstone Concrete Coating System Texture is chemically designed to address the many challenges of replicating natural stone textures.

ES Stone Strength Resin

Description: A polymer resin used to increase cohesion and strengthen concrete masonry products. Stone-strength is specifically formulated for a long pot life, rapid cure time and extreme durability, which is required for decorative products.

Techstone Concrete Coating System Colorant

Description: A highly concentrated, alkali free, liquid dispersing pigmentation system formulated specifically to integrally color Techstone Concrete Coating System and Techstone grout mixes. Techstone Concrete Coating System colorant is available in a myriad of standard colors.


Description: Techstone Concrete Coating System has analyzed the shortcoming of stenciled, stamped and sprayed overlay products and has subsequently developed a process for replicating stone, tile, and slate. One of the keys to this system is the tape that is used to create the patterning. Most tapes are not well suited to the caustic and abrasive atmosphere of decorative concrete. Some of the problems we have addressed are:

Tapes disintegrate, leaving fiber hairs everywhere.

Tapes are not flexible and grout bleeds underneath.

Tapes leave a glue residue after being pulled, causing discoloring.

Euro Accent

Description: A pigmented polymer modified cementatious coloring system formulated to achieve an authentic replication of natural colors seen in rock and stone while maintaining the abrasion resistance required in heavy traffic areas.

Techstone Thermo-Plastic Sealer

Description: A crystal clear, non-yellowing, premium quality thermo plastic sealer used to seal concrete surfaces. Thermoplastic Sealer is UV resistant and is perfectly suited for concrete overlays, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate or any other surface where penetration and wear resistance are important.

Q. How strong is Techstone Concrete Coating System?

A. Stronger and harder than concrete. Once completely cured Techstone Concrete Coating System has a compressive strength of almost 8,000 PSI. Typical concrete has a rating of only 2000 to 2500 PSI.

Q. What if my concrete has cracks?

A. In most cases cracks can be opened up with a crack chaser, filled in with a two-part high strength epoxy and covered with Techstone Concrete Coating System.

Q. Is Techstone Concrete Coating System like Kool Deck?

A. No, Kool Deck is a material that needs to be applied to fresh concrete in order to bond. Techstone Concrete Coating System can be installed on concrete new or old. The same look and heat retention qualities can be achieved with a longer life expectancy using Techstone Concrete Coating System.

Q. What colors does Techstone Concrete Coating System come in?

A. The Techstone Concrete Coating System Base and the Techstone Concrete Coating System Texture Coat are both white grout mixtures. With a white grout mixture it gives you the option and ability to match or create any color you want. Matching an old house, a new house or any thing else is no problem.

Q. Does Techstone Concrete Coating System look real?

A. Yes, Techstone Concrete Coating System has been designed since day one to give you an alternative to removing concrete while keeping a natural look. The Techstone Concrete Coating System Grout mixtures have been specially formulated to make emulating a natural stone as fast and simple as possible. The Techstone Concrete Coating System Base has been formulated to have self-leveling qualities. The Techstone Concrete Coating System Texture is formulated to make it easier to emulate stone, tile, slate or many other natural textures.

Q. Does Techstone Concrete Coating System crack?

With the existing concrete prepared properly any cracking besides a occasional hairline.

Q. How can I register for a seminar?

A. By phone (805) 522-0410 or download, print, fill out this seminar form.

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